Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Harney tea club at Columbia Greene Community College

Good afternoon my friends! We have a new development going on here at the Columbia Greene Community College. I'm starting a tea club. Right by the front door of the school there are two picnic tables. We'll either be there or in the back of the Arts Building, where all the little chairs are to sit and study...

There are a few rules:

1)There is no talking about the tea club
2)Each new person that joins the group is unique and interesting. Basically, have love for your neighbor.
3)Everyone has to bring their own cup.
4)We steep only loose tea, no tea bags. (no tea bagging allowed)
5)Everyone has their turn to bring food. (crumpets, scones, muffins, donuts etc...)

1 comment:

AJ Harwinton said...

everyone bring lipton bags and break em open. hill drinks that shit up.